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    ._ earn alot of MONEY
    ._ to be with ETHAN & HUBBY forever
    ._ go OVERSEA
    ._ CARNO RINO handbag
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    ._LV handbag
    ._ 7 DRAWFS dolls
    ._ MINI IPOD
    ._ contacts lens
    ._ makeup set
    ._ slimming down
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  • 5th jan - lionel birthday
    18th jan - yimin birthday
    26th jan - juliana birthday
    6th march - ah ma birthday
    13th march - alvin birthday
    21st march - Vivian's birthday
    1st april - mummy birthday
    3rd april - Shumin's birthday
    22nd april - daddy's birthday
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  • jan'10
    08/01 - baby full month
    30/01 - ah nia's belated birthday dinner with us
    14/02 - cny'?? visit my house / valentine's day
    15/02 - cny'?? visit hubby;s ah ma house/ my house
    16/02 - cny'?? visit my house / sentosa
    18/02 - cny'?? visit to ??'s house..
    01/04 - mummy birthday
    03/04 - celebrate mummy bdae @ chinatown “???“
    & frog leg porridge

    - shu min's bdae
    05/04 - celebrate shu min's bdae @ EHUB with mama's family & love
    21/04 - outing with sharon,kitty huiying,hubby & patrick to vivo
    22/04 - daddy bdae
    - sharon come my house
    23/04 - JB trip
    24/04 - back to my house/ kbox
    25/04 - ah ma's house
    28/04 - IP man2
    29/04 - outing with juliana ,sharon & baby
    02/05 -434(taoist prayer)
    06/05 -go out with sharon & juliana
    10/05 -outing with mama's family
    - Anniversay 5th year
    28/05- vesak day
    30/05- outing with parents
    01/06 & 02/06 - meet sharon & movie
    09/08 -NATIONAL DAY
    12/08 -BABY FAIR & SSC
    13/08 -marina bay sand w/ bi"
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    .Friday, August 13, 2010 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    sharon sms me want go out at 5+ today.
    but end up i never go`
    playing w/ethan & watching "爱"
    around 9+,
    me & bi" headed to marina walk
    & marina bay sand aftermath`
    the cirlce line damn FUCK,1 station to 1 station keep so long never close the door dont know for what sia` wtf lo..
    walk through esplanade, the statium & marina walk..
    YOUTH OYUMPIC is coming (:
    went to bay sand walk walk..
    went to hotel walk walk..
    have a small bites & drink over there
    & d chicken rice cost $5 overall is damn small..
    so cute^^
    headed off to pub while it raining heavily outside ):
    stuck at the statium there..
    cabby to THAI PUB`
    end up,the place FULL OF POLICE w/ home clothes
    diao-_-" was my impression when i saw them..
    dont know what happen in there!!!
    suddenly no where to go,
    & cabby home aftermath~
    tomolo load the pics
    jaslyn♥ @12:14 PM

    .Thursday, August 12, 2010 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    todae sleep like a few hours only ):
    as usual feed & bathe ethan`
    same,he is naughty again ):
    & he cried`cause he DONT WANT SLEEP~
    finally let him sleep at almost 2pm..
    downstair a big truck make a very loud sound`
    & make ethan wake up..sleep not even 1 hour..
    luckily i faster tap him & he continue his sleep till 3+
    bi" and i went bath & play with ethan`
    744 aftermath^

    went to SSC to ask something "IMPORTANT"
    but we need to think over again" but ~ haiz ):
    wanted to eat "ASTONS" but in the end we having "XIN WANG"
    nice (:
    headed to taka, BABY FAIR* aftermath~
    walk around saw many cute clothes & accesories
    end up i just bought pigeon wipes,japan fruit/veg drink & porridge..
    we saw a seater wanted to buy but very waste if grow up ):
    headed to 313 to buy drink
    then back home aftermath^^

    jaslyn♥ @10:22 AM

    .Wednesday, August 11, 2010 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    bi" craving for nasi lemak @ 12am +
    but i insist ask him to eat tibits cause is chinese 7months..
    till 3am & 5am wake me up & say he hungry.. wtf ):
    6+, decided to order mac breakfast`
    after eating, i cant get back my sleep at all (:
    thanks to bi"
    turn here & there till sleep 1 hr,ethan already wake up ):
    feed him,play w/him & bathe him aftermath
    put him down the bed, he fell alsleep`
    around 1pm,sky is gonna dark and thunder all around
    make my ethan wake up..
    5.15pm headed to 744..
    having bbq chicken for dinner~
    & headed back home...
    around 10+
    bi" and i headed to bishan cause he want eat " kuay chap", haiz!!
    suddenly my mood damn suck..
    nag here and there..
    then cabby home aftermath`
    jaslyn♥ @10:52 AM

    .Tuesday, August 10, 2010 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    .-. `craving for " Equinox restaurant" & " The Jewel Box"/ .-.
    jaslyn♥ @11:37 AM

    .Monday, August 9, 2010 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    i miss the fireworks this year.. ):
    stay at home but never watch tv also..
    ): (: ): (:
    but nevermind, i shall wait till 31st already..
    wont miss that day for sure ^^
    jaslyn♥ @11:32 AM

    .Sunday, August 8, 2010 ' ♥
    ♥ :
    went wisma to take a look @ our snoopy shirt & say hello to ailing too^
    many peoples cause is GSS up 30%...
    aftermath to bugis steamboat session with beloved girl & bi"
    last all went home and left me & bi"`
    decided to go "ZOUK"
    1st time go,feel that the enviroment the sound the crowd was awesome (:
    just like those " GAY dance" was beautiful!!! haha..
    aftermath, back home @ 4am+ (:
    my LAPPY is dead ):
    bring it over to jacky place for helping me to fix..
    around 8pm+ i meet richie at yew tee mrt & headed to thai pub~
    cause i owe him once @_@
    the place is nice can listening song and more more peoples came in`
    meeting my bi" at bustop & cabby home aftermath^^
    was bored at home):
    around 2+ smsing sharon to marina barrage
    before hand i accompany bi" to work
    & had curry gogogo for lunch~
    alwhilemore, i meet her @ orchard ctrl & headed to marina bay!!!
    waiting for shuttle bus but we will scare that we stand d wrong bustop but finally the bus came`
    the last is @ : 7.30pm..
    went to suntec aftermath for dinner
    walk 1 BIG round but end up we ate "ASTONS"~
    walkwalk & chit chat
    headed to meet bi" for work & cabby home (:
    jaslyn♥ @11:43 AM

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